Prepare All Initial Paperwork to File Your Divorce

  • Access to the Divorce Navigator software to complete the necessary forms
  • An assigned account coordinator who will review, file and serve your forms

$500 (Filing Fee Not Included)


Respond to a Divorce With Professional Guidance

Responding to a divorce includes preparing the answer in a timely fashion, filing it with the court system, and serving it to the other party. For the additional fee, we...


Prep Financial Affidavit and Assist in Mandatory Financial Disclosure

A financial affidavit is required in every divorce in Florida. We will provide you with access to our software specially developed to produce the required Florida family law, financial affidavit....


Divorce Mediation by the Hour

We offer a mediation package that includes five hours of mediation and all the paperwork required to file the divorce and see the divorce through final judgment. You can also...


Attend Mediation With You as Legal Counsel

You may feel comfortable doing all the paperwork yourself but when it comes to attending mediation, perhaps you’d like to have an attorney there to ensure your rights are protected....


30 Minute Attorney Appointment

At Untying the Knot we understand that the traditional model of dealing with a divorce can be expensive and time-consuming and just not practical in today's digital world. That’s why...


Marital Settlement Agreement Preparation Services

Our attorneys will help you draft a marital settlement agreement (MSA) and final judgment. Please know you and your spouse must agree to set forth the terms in these documents....


Attorney Review and Explanation of Your Marital Settlement Agreement, Parenting Plan And/or Final Judgment

Has your spouse filed for divorce and proposed a marital settlement agreement or a parenting plan? These agreements can be confusing and tricky. Schedule an appointment with an attorney to...


Attorney Preparation of a Parenting Plan

If you have children under the age of 18 with your spouse, and the two of you are legally separating, you are required to file a parenting plan detailing how...

Attorney Preparation of Child Support Guidelines Worksheet

If you’re getting divorced in Florida, and children are involved, one partner may be required to pay child support to the spouse who has custody. To determine how much these...

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